Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills (DBT)

The pioneering work of Marsha Linehan is ideal for people who are experiencing a prolonged period of any two of:

Impulsive Behaviour

Being on an "emotional roller-coaster"

A history of chaotic relationships

Problems with anger

Feeling empty or depersonalised 

DBT Skills groups are in 3 modules of approximately 6 to 8 weeks duration


Distress Tolerance Skills

will help to

tolerate painful events and feelings when there is no short term solution


Emotion Regulation Skills

help you to

Understand the emotions you experience

Reduce emotional vulnerability

Decrease emotional suffering


Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

help you to

Achieve your goals in a situation

Maintain good relationships

Improve self-respect


Core Mindfulness skills are a central component of DBT and are integrated into each module where relevant

All sessions in DBT skills require the completion of Diaries, Homework Assignments and Handouts

Please keep checking this website to find out when a group is available to join

DBT is also available Individually or via Skype. 

Please see counsellinglincoln.com for details.