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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills

The pioneering work of Marsha Linehan is ideal for people who are experiencing a prolonged period of any two of

Impulsive Behaviour
Being on an “emotional roller-coaster”
A history of chaotic relationships
Problems with anger
Feeling empty or depersonalised

How it Works

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills (DBT) is divided into 4 modules

Each module covers specific areas but everything is inter-related

You can choose to complete specific modules but you will need to complete all of them to get the full benefit of DBT

Core Mindfulness

These skills are a central component of DBT and are integrated into each module where relevant.

We will spend a couple of sessions becoming familiar with “What”, “How” and “Wise Mind” Skills

Emotion Regulation

Over 6 sessions these skills help you to understand the emotions you experience, decrease the frequency of unwanted emotions, reduce emotional vulnerability and decrease emotional suffering.

We will look at the skills of “Check the Facts”, “Opposite Action”, “Problem Solving” and “ABC PLEASE” 

Distress Tolerance

The skills that help you to tolerate painful events and feelings when there is no short term answer.

These 6 sessions include the skills of “STOP”, “Pros and Cons”, “TIP”, “Distract”, “Self-Soothing”, “IMPROVE”, “Radical Acceptance”, “Turning the Mind”, “Half-Smiling” and “Willing Hands”

Interpersonal Effectiveness

The goals of these skills is to help you to, achieve your goals in a situation, maintain good relationships and improve self-respect.

Skills in this 6 week module include “DEAR MAN”, “GIVE” and “FAST”

An optional part of this module is Building Relationships by finding and getting people to like you and Mindfulness of Others  


DBT Skills Counselling Sessions are usually weekly for 50 minutes.  To cover all four modules will take approximately 20 – 24 weeks depending on pace and content.

The first session will include “Orientation to DBT”

Between Sessions

You will need to ensure you put aside enough time to practice the skills, complete various worksheets and diary cards, and to read the handouts.

Handouts are emailed to you prior to the next appointment so you can print them out for reference during the session.


Professional Fees for DBT Skills online video counselling are £50 per session payable in advance. There is no charge for the 15 minute introduction.

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